Industrial Automation

Technitab offers rich and competent Industrial Automation Engineering Services for various systems like PLC, DCS, HMI, SCADA, Batch, Safety, Robotics, Drives, MES, MII, ERP Data Integration, etc.


We have Platform Independent Engineering Services expertise across Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, ABB etc.

Our Industrial Automation Services:

  • PLC, SCADA & HMI Engineering
  • DCS Engineering
  • Safety systems & Drives Engineering
  • CNC, Motion & Robotics Engineering
  • Documentation & Specifications (FDS/ DDS)
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We have executed many automation projects across various systems.Following is our competence across various tools and automation platforms.

Industrial Automation Work Experities

  • Siemens
    S7- 400 H/ F, 300, S7-1200, S5, S7-1500, Fail-safe Controller, SINAMICS, SIMODRIVE
  • Rockwell Automation
    ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SLC-500 PLC 5, Power Flex drives, GuardLogix, Advance
  • GE Digital
    Working with real engineering systems on real onsite platforms at real project sites
  • Schneider Electric
    Quantum, Premium, M340, Altivar Drives, 1024 I/O multi-rack configuration
  • Honeywell
    MasterLogic, Safety Manager & Fail Safe
  • Mitsubishi
    MELSEC-Q, L & F Series
  • ABB
    AC500, AC800F, ACS 800 Drive

Our Industrial Automation

To be successful as an Engineer, you should have a growth mindset and a commitment to technical learning. Outstanding Engineers are highly observant, willing to assist others wherever possible, and eager to readily take up leadership initiatives.

  • Understanding project requirements and completing all duties assigned by the Supervisor.
  • Taking notes and sharing your findings with your Supervisor and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Shadowing senior staff members, asking questions, and assisting wherever possible.
  • Raising concerns and making suggestions for improvement where appropriate.
  • Conducting technical research and traveling to sites.
  • Observing health and safety regulations at all times.
  • Establishing professional relationships with colleagues & clients.
  • Maintaining a high degree of professionalism and diligence.

PLC Scada Engineer

Technitab is an engineering organization extending Automation PLC SCADA Engineers services solutions for all industries in power sector. It has gained vast experience in the field of testing & commissioning activities in various Power system projects involving Power generation, Transmission and Distribution networks Power utilities and Process industries.We are competent in Engineering, Design, Erection, testing and commissioning, pre-commissioning, Operation and maintenance of HV, MV and EHV sub-stations, Power networks and other heavy industrial sectors. We are the emerging service provider for Testing and commissioning and substation automation services:

  • Survey and Data collection from Site.
  • Panel Erection, Cable laying and Termination.
  • Preparation of RTU Configuration files and PLC logics for sub-station automation.
  • Testing and commissioning of RTU and obtaining SAT certificate from customer.
  • Preparation of engineering documents, SLD, Layout Preparation, BOM and I/O List, cable schedule and adaptation schedule preparation.

We commenced our technical services in 2015. We have dedicated team of SCADA engineers who are having vast experience in power sector, also our engineers undergo training facilities which enables them to acquire wide range of skills on growing technology needs and achieving customer satisfaction by focusing on quality at work. We undertake Substation Testing and Commissioning of Protection Systems of all types of Relays including Electromechanical to Numerical Relays of all Manufacturers (ABB, Siemens, AREVA).

Our team’s quick skill set

Various Site Work

  • PAS Configraations
  • RTU / SCADA Configraations
  • Communication Protocols
  • Gateway Panel Configraation
  • Relay Configraation
  • Site Surveys

Site Acceptance Test

Site acceptance test determines that each piece of electrical equipment is ready for energization and that it will operate as designed and perform as an integral part of the system. Test personnel inspect and provide acceptance testing on each piece of the equipment to verify it meets specification to, energize and verify the overall installation of the system conforms to the drawings.


Once our team determines that individual pieces of equipment are operating properly, our testing engineers develop an energization plan. We energize the entire system to verify it is operating as intended and meeting design requirements. Our clients receive full documentation of the system’s performance and integrity.

Operation & Maintenance

The switchgear and protective relaying system should be always alert to operate against an unexpectedly fault. Switchgear which was in quiescent state has to operate immediately. For such an operation, regular and detailed maintenance is necessary. The lack of maintenance may result in failure in operation.

The maintenance requirements of static equipments like transformers, capacitors etc. are much less compared to other dynamic equipment’s like circuit breakers, motors etc.

The breakdown or corrective maintenance activities are undertaken after failure of equipment. Such maintenance results in outage of circuit and supply. In general, it consists of locating the trouble, repair and recommissioning.

The preventive maintenance is undertaken to ensure smooth and efficient working of a system, equipment. Preventive maintenance is undertaken as per schedule before breakdown of a system or machine takes place.

Siemens Systems

Substation Control Systems and RTUs

  • SICAM AK 3
  • SICAM A8000 Series
  • SICAM Safety

Operation, Monitoring and Diagnosis

  • SICAM PQ Analyzer
  • SICAM Diamond

Software for Substation Automation

  • SICAM Device Manager
  • SICAM Protocol Test System
  • DIGSI 4
  • DIGSI 5
  • IEC 61850 System Configurator
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