Operation & Maintenance

We use our knowledge and experience to provide professional services for the operation and maintenance of energy and industrial plants. These include coal and gas-fired power plants, solar and biomass plants, combined heat and power plants, infrastructure, industrial plants and gas turbines.

We offer a wide range of operations and maintenance services, from full O&M contract services to discrete O&M activities. Our services range from support during project development and commissioning to O&M contracts covering the entire project life cycle.

What We Do

Our experienced team manages the operation and maintenance of electrical infrastructure for generation, transmission and distribution systems. We are qualified to do upgrades, work with network and asset owners to deliver the full suite of services for electrical work programs.

With generous investment in equipment, our experienced engineers & certified technicians can help proactively to avoid outages and unnecessary damage and ensure optimal performance of electrical transmission and distribution system, substations, switch yards, power generators and many more. Further, we are well equipped and can provide quick response and solutions to fix the supply in case of blackouts and emergencies.

We provide O&M Services of the following:

  • Distance, Differential, DOC, OC, DEF, EF, Synchro check, A/R, AVR, B/B, B/F etc.
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear with different voltage levels (34, 22, 13.8, 3.6 KV)
  • Protection panels with diverse protection schemes, control systems and loose relays
  • Auxiliary transformers (TTR, Winding resistance, Oil BD, DGA and Insulation test) Tan Delta
  • Auxiliary Systems, AC, DC , DC chargers ,ATS and UPS, DC earth fault trouble shooting
  • Condition monitoring services
  • Diesel generators Operation and Maintenance
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