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A rapidly- growing services company, Technitab has its perceptions set on the fields of manufacturing automation as well as smart metering and solar photovoltaics (PV). From system integration to site check to construction to testing to deputizing to functioning and sustentation in India & overseas, we deliver engineering services. Technitab has administered plans across nearly all Indian states. Undertake engineering and mechanization strategies, containing retrofitting strategies. Technitab supports the business operation outsourcing needs on- point, on- line and on-mobile with wholesome business results. Our enterprise has grown one of the industry's most advanced, responsive, and trusted providers of automation results. Our work ranges from completely vetting and providing automation productions to planning and enforcing comprehensive, state-of-the- art automation networks.

Apart from delivering automation courtesies, Technitab similarly provides training programs for engineering graduates. Technitab offers a diversity of enthralling job pathways. There are several specialized professions available to aspiring graduates through our Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) Program. Either way, we want people that stand out because of their self-identities and expertise. As you commence your engineering career, our GET Program provides you with a firm establishment.

Our Company
Our Company

What Do We Provide

Technitab is a PLC Scada Engineer enterprise aggrandizing substation testing and commissioning assistance for all businesses built up vast expertise in the field.

We offer-

  • Electrical Asset Mapping
  • Substation Survey
  • Customer Survey & Indexing
  • Training & Working

Our Company

Electrical asset mapping

Substation survey

Customer survey & Indexing

Training & Working

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Our Services

Our Company

Design and Engineering


Upgrade Retrofitting

Technitab offers services to develop or upgrade complicated systems into the next generation, extend system lifetime, improve availability and reliability and prevent being outdated based on its many years of experience with complex installations. It is possible to upgrade a system for numerous reasons. First and foremost, many installations are vital to the supported system, transmission, or networking. As a result of the departure of important employees, it becomes more difficult to maintain competency in limited and old technologies.

Our Company
Our Company

Testing and Comissioning

With key experience in the testing and commissioning of GIS switchgear, power transformers, protection and control systems, substation auxiliary equipment, fiber optic cable splicing, and generation equipment, AT&C is committed to providing benchmark services to its clients. Our testing engineers have extensive experience with multinational companies such as Siemens, GE, ABB, Alstom, TATA & a lot more. We have completed many site services for all state electricity regions, at all voltage levels.

Operation and Maintainance

We use our knowledge and experience to provide professional services for the operation and maintenance of energy and industrial plants. These include coal and gas-fired power plants, solar and biomass plants, combined heat and power plants, infrastructure, industrial plants and gas turbines. We offer a wide range of operations and maintenance services, from full O&M contract services to discrete O&M activities. Our services range from support during project development and commissioning to O&M contracts covering the entire project life cycle.

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GIS/Mobile App Survey

Our Services include Transmission Line Survey Services, GIS/MIS Survey Services, Solar Project Survey Services. We offer these services within the defined ISO and CMM standards. Technitab is a PLC Scada Engineer company extending substation testing and commissioning services for all industries gained vast experience in the field.

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Technical Workforce

We believe in asking a lot of questions. We want to know more. It begins with knowing more about your company's IT staffing solutions, your brand, and your target. We also want to learn about the category and competition of temporary staffing solutions. It helps us gauge the playing field—where we should play and what we should avoid. Digging deep leads us to the insights which enable us to create unique opportunities for our clients. Are You Searching Recruitment Agencies? Technitab Solution has vast experience in providing Staffing Solutions Services in Delhi NCR, India.

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