Residential & Small Business

From moving to renovating, new energy and automation systems or changing business requirements, whatever your electricity needs we have got you covered.

Our safe, adequate, dynamic and intuitive technologies help to amplify living spaces and the lifestyles of their dwellers. Here at Technitab, we offer a wide portfolio of small business products that give their owners safety, accessibility, surety, utility and a combative edge.

Industrial Automation And Control

Our Portfolio of Small Business Products includes:

  • • Residential & Small Business Products
  • • Building Automation & Control
  • • Medium Voltage and Grid Automation
  • • Industrial Automation and Control
  • • Low Voltage Products and Systems

Residential & Small Business Products

From modish switches and sockets to effective home control results and fast- charging electric vehicle chargers, we provide new degrees of invention and comfort. Technitab ensures that life is on for homes and small enterprises.

Industrial Automation And Control
Industrial Automation And Control

Building Automation & Control

Building automation begins with our inventive structure administration, power administration systems, and small building regulator products which empower exceptional structures that encourage occupant productivity and deliver optimal energy and functional effectiveness.

Observing up with technology has get hypercritical for companies as standard patterns of working are constantly developing, there's a dire need for inventive and adaptable installations. Addressing parallel challenges – structure automation systems help re-collect, break down, and handle critical data, easing quick, advanced verdict making which drives efficiency, lowers operating charges.

Medium Voltage and Grid Automation

From medium voltage switchgear and converters to energy automation, we deliver precise results for serviceability, oil and gas, mining, data centres, and hypercritical structures, covering up all power allocation needs for energy operation.

Industrial Automation And Control
Industrial Automation And Control

Industrial Automation and Control

As the world is digitalizing at a drastic grade, businesses across several sections are settling for artificial automation. Industrial automation products relate to the employment of regulator systems, similar as information technologies, robots, and devices for managing distinctive sorts of machinery and processes utilized in several industries. Thus, automation productions are significant as they effectively drop-down product expenses and enhance the grade of products, conducting to better gains.

Low Voltage Products and Systems

From circuit breakers and automobiles to enclosures, panel boards, and switchboards, we offer a large range of safe, secure results for low-voltage electrical allocation operations.

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