Smart Metering and Billing

To attain its full potential, the smart meter business must solve important concerns sooner rather than later. Electricity firms need more precise data as the world shifts to renewable energy sources that are less predictable. Consumers, on the other hand, demand more control over their energy consumption.

Smart Metering & Billing

Smart metering is a process for enterprises to retain a track of how much energy they are using so they can fit their consumption if required. A smart metering provides the objective tracing of utilized energy consumption that occurs on the system or channel it is connected to.

Numerous electric, gas, water, and distinctive service association have grasped smart metering as a productive technique of tracking the use across their customer bases to better settle expenses and infrastructure requisites. Smart metering can give both usefulness and their customers better models of how the use affects their costs and help them decide new strategies to save amount.

Must have features in a Smart Meter

A smart meter must have following features-

  • Accuracy
  • Smart meter security
  • Flexibility
  • Swift deployment
  • Controlled TCO

How smart metering solution helping the businesses

One of the straightforward advantage the smart metering is the accurate knowledge of your business's energy and other service applications. Maximum smart meters bind direct into an interface that gives you a precise readout of your usability by breaking up it down by the time of day, day of the week, and month. Having this information at your fingertips can assist you a lot to form better verdicts about your usage and keep up-to- dated accounts of your resource usage.

Risk Factors of Smart Meters

Despite the certainty that smart metres fulfil the requirements of tracking the energy consumption in a more precise way still they have some risks like- cybersecurity risks. Theoretically, anyone who knows how to hack the device could hold control of it. Several hackers have demonstrated that this is feasible whenever there's an open public outlet, correspondent as an IoT device using the internet. Closed signal channels are much harder to get into without unauthorized siege, but it's attack possible.Service businesses will only entrust those manufacturers that can prove their appliances and gadgets are safe, accurate, framing them their preferred partner for a long run.

Smart Billing

Smart Metering & Billing

Smart Billing is the key module of the BOSS (Business Operation Support System) solutions suite. As the middle point of control, billing manages the fundamental business information and data. Smart Billing is service agnostic and allows any variety of service contribution and business model, through one unified platform. Smart Billing configuration is grounded on open APIs and therefore can be effortlessly incorporated with different BOSS products to rear results on larger scale. As the central point of control, billing manages the core business information such as product catalogue management, payment collection, invoicing, customer management, payment management, credit note management, debit note management, dunning, approvals, customer taxation and customer financial accounting etc are examples of smart billing system.

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