Energy Automation

We have been serving the Energy Power industry for many years. we have executed more than 100 projects in different parts of the globe in this industry. We serve our customers in Sub-station Automation Systems (SAS), Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED), HMI, testing & commissioning.


We have Platform Independent Engineering Services expertise across Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, ABB, etc.

Our Energy Automation Services:

  • Develop a business case for substation automation
  • Evaluate existing systems and develop strategies to migrate to new applications and technologies
  • Design an overall solution to integrate substation equipment with communication systems and head-end applications
  • Specify detailed designs and help select all equipment from intelligent devices, substation servers, remote terminal units (RTUs), network switches, firewalls, wide area networks, head-end applications, and others
  • Estimate impacts on utility staff resources during implementation and post-implementation
  • Assist with configuration, integration, and testing of the solution

Enterprise Integration

  • Siemens
    S7- 400 H/ F, 300, S7-1200, S5, S7-1500, Fail-safe Controller, SINAMICS, SIMODRIVE
  • Rockwell Automation
    ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SLC-500 PLC 5, Power Flex drives, GuardLogix, Advance
  • GE Digital
    Working with real engineering systems on real onsite platforms at real project sites
  • Schneider Electric
    Quantum, Premium, M340, Altivar Drives, 1024 I/O multi-rack configuration
  • Honeywell
    MasterLogic, Safety Manager & Fail Safe
  • Mitsubishi
    MELSEC-Q, L & F Series
  • ABB
    AC500, AC800F, ACS 800 Drive

We commenced our technical services in 2015. We have a dedicated team of SCADA engineers who are having vast experience in the power sector, also our engineers undergo training facilities which enable them to acquire a wide range of skills on growing technology needs and achieving customer satisfaction by focusing on quality at work. We undertake Substation Testing and Commissioning of Protection Systems of all types of Relays including Electromechanical to Numerical Relays of all Manufacturers (ABB, Siemens, AREVA).

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