Team Success Stories

We love to learn, explore new opportunities, and wish to see our staff become the best version of themselves. Find out what it's like working here at Technitab, then grab yourself a growth path with Technitab and your career. Here are just a few success stories shared by our team. We’ve put together these excerpts to tell some of our team members’ strategies to invest their time and energy in building their careers and making Technitab what it is today.

Technitab team stories
Md Taufique Rizvi

Md Taufique Rizvi, Substation automation engineer

Since 2012 I was working with Amit Engineering and Enar Industrial Enterprises Limited as Instrumentation Supervisor, but my professional core career started with Technitab as SAS Engineer (SCADA Commissioning and Testing) in 2017 where I learned Control Systems for PowerGrid, Substation, Oil and Petrochemical Industries in various projects across many North Indian states.

Got a chance to work on a Global project of SAARC countries like Afghanistan, Qatar & the United Arab Emirates which provided me International Exposure. I feel blessed to have professional and motivational support with constructive feedback, and immense developmental opportunities at Technitab, which is a great place to grow, both personally and professionally.

Disciplined Project Management capabilities with the ability to manage multiple responsibilities at the same time helped me in my current role at Sarla Technologies for Siemens Industrial L.L.C as Senior Project Engineer at Abu Dhabi. The positive and learning work environment helps me learn, grow and contribute towards creating applications to design, operate and maintain a modern smart grid and power distribution systems.

Suika Birhman

Suika Birhman, Senior PHP developer

Technitab was a startup for Mobile App-based innovative and disruptive products when I joined in 2015 as a PHP software developer. Every day was challenging, hence I learned new languages, databases, and many troubleshooting methods. Senior colleagues taught me about the industry standards and shared their coding knowledge with me. My coding foundation was rebuilt and it made me a stronger software programmer.

Technitab is a great place to grow, as it provides a platform to explore new technologies. We have wonderful training programs that guide us through the career process as well as a mentoring program that teaches how to perform our job effectively. I find myself among a great group of colleagues who share their experiences and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit. Joining Technitab has turned out to be a great decision for me.

I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person. At Technitab, I have learned so much; I faced obstacles, sometimes tough situations but also experienced beautiful moments that will stay forever in my memory.

Heemu Koul

Heemu Koul, Senior data engineer and CMS

I have been privileged to join as the first few employees at Technitab in 2015. Like many of my friends, I wanted to be a developer. However, here at Technitab, I learned that in a startup I was doing multi-dimensional roles of HR, Accountant, Administrator, Data Engineer, Digital marketing along with WordPress development.

Only Technitab gave that space, training, and encouragement to a fresher like me to interact freely with clients during the software development and testing phase. I have seen the transition of Technitab from a product development startup to an Engineering services company. As a senior, while guiding a team of 6 executives, I learned many aspects of a startup, team leadership, talent retention, and project handling.

Now, my day typically revolves around bridging the gap between my team and the client, making sure that the work we are doing is effective and up to standard. On the client-side, I am constantly engaging with the client, taking requirements, discussing and clarifying options to facilitate delivery. I am guiding my team members to work effectively, push themselves, and deliver what’s right for the client.

Manigandan Solai

Manigandan Solai, Protection & control engineer

I joined Technitab in June 2018 as an aspiring Protection & control engineer. Technitab provided me the opportunity to work with Siemens- Digital Grid India. Even though I had prior experience, I was given on-the-job training as a mandatory training work along with Siemens Engineer's in- PGCIL, Indoor 400kV site. These 60 days of onsite training helped me to Learn the Indian Power Grid Standards and their protection philosophy. I learned the latest Siemens globally recognized IEDs. I pushed myself, outside of my comfort zone to learn and get the independent project. At Technitab I got a chance to work with prestigious Clients Like ONGC, ADANI, PGCIL, Torrent power, and State Electricity boards projects for (Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh).

As a Protection & Control Engineer, work is challenging, and dynamic, with each day and each project offering its unique journey. The far I traveled, a lot I learned. Within one year I got very much confident to face any task, any kind of Client. I set my sights on landing a job at the Clients place. Now I am Substation Commissioning Coordinator for SIEMENS GAMESA RENEWABLE POWER for its projects across India.

Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar, Testing & comissioning engineer - SAS RTU

After being Bentek Application engineer of SCADA and automation. I chose the GET program of Technitab in 2018, to be a successful Substation automation engineer along with opportunities for gaining invaluable experience with multinational work. Technitab also provides on-site training under the guidance of T&C experts on real-time ongoing projects. Technitab gave me the latest skill-set in the energy automation sector where I successfully tested and commissioned SCADA, Substations, and Solar projects in renewable energy. Thanks to the knowledge gained at Technitab, at Siemens Ltd as a Service engineer, I provide all India customer support for HVDC & FACTS. I strongly believe that the company provides an exemplary focus on people and presents opportunities for individuals to progress across a range of diverse career paths. The opportunity to work with the complex and latest technology, along with technical support, helps in building a long-term career.

We love what we do and it shows in the strong relationships we have built with our customers. What strikes me the most is that the company gives back just as much as you will put in. This helps to keep me motivated to better myself. It's been an incredible ride. Remarkable years of warmth, friendship, and support at Technitab.

Saurabh Panwar

Saurabh Panwar, Software testing engineer

Started my professional career with Technitab at Greater Noida in Feb 2020 as a college fresher. For a person straight out of college, the professional world can be quite intimidating. It is also important to work with the right organization, especially at the start of your career, as it is the building block towards a successful professional life in the future.

Technitab is a workplace where everyone can develop and grow. Your inspirations are not judged in advance and your ambitions are valued. Instead, it’s possible to choose new directions depending on your motivation and strengths. Technitab is a value-driven company with a great level of flexibility; if you share the same values as those of the company, opportunities within the company are vast.

To me, Technitab is a company for me to build my life-long career. Technitab is a company that allows its employees to learn from mistakes, and this is the key reason I had stayed with the company even during work from home. I'm extremely proud to be associated with one of the progressive companies of India.

Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar, Site engineer

I was a fresher when I joined Technitab as a Trainee Site Engineer. Very few companies were offering jobs due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. Technitab was very strict with the COVID protocol along with normal Electrical PPE compliances. During the training period, I learned a lot of technical aspects of work along with the safety norms on site. After my in-class training and on-site training with the Technitab trainers, I felt confident in managing the site works.

After a few months of working with my Supervisor and Team Leader, I was able to apply the academic knowledge during my engineering on real site works. Today, I am technically competent and efficient in my work due to the on-site training and helpful nature of my seniors.

The site teams have to work in open areas in varied climates and away from home. But the warm arrangements along with team-building activities have made my Technitab project site team a new family away from my own family. Thank you Tech - mates.

Gourav Panwar

Gourav Panwar, Software Developer

I would like to thank you for providing me with this opportunity. I was in my seventh semester when I got placed at Technitab. I would like to share my journey and my experience in this organization. I was a fresher when I started at Technitab as a software Trainee. I appreciate you taking the time to give me advice and support during this difficult time.

My first few weeks were challenging, but thanks to your insight and advice, I am much more confident in my role here at the company. Thank you for being an exceptional leader and for your compassion and support for me. Technitab is unquestionably a company where I can build a career for the rest of my life. Technitab is a company that encourages its employees to learn from their mistakes, which is why I stayed with the company even while working from home. I'm extremely proud to be associated with one of India's most progressive companies.

Susrutha Dev

Susrutha Dev, Analyst

Susrutha Dev here. I am currently employed as an Analyst at Amazon in India. I, along with seven of my NIELIT, Calicut classmates, were hired as GETs at Technitab (2018 – 2019). Technitab paved our path and groomed us as professionals despite our origins in Kerala and limited knowledge of the outside world and industry.

During my time with the company, I received training in Siemens, Alstom, ABB, and Schneider relays and was able to test and commission 13 protection sites across the country on my own. I was also given the opportunity to assist senior engineers on NTPC and PGCIL projects.

My time at Technitab was not limited to engineering; on off-site days, we would work on in-office jobs and client management for the company. This aided me in becoming a multi-tasking professional. We worked hard, had fun, and grew as a family. There are ambient memories to cherish looking back. I am grateful to Technitab and Mr. Kavinder Singh Kohli for their advice and support throughout my professional life.


Gopal, PHP Developer

I started working at Technitab in May 2019 as a php developer. I discovered numerous challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. I was given a lot of leeway in order to complete my work efficiently. This is the first company where I have had the opportunity to lead a team. My greatest accomplishment was leading many projects as a team leader. I also worked on a number of government projects. The company helped me in a variety of ways during the pandemic lockdown, which is why I trust them. In the same year that I started, I had the opportunity to visit Nepal for one of our most important clients, WHO (world health organization). In just a few years, I've seen a lot with this company.

Technitab is an excellent place to learn and grow because it provides a platform for experimenting with new technologies. I am fortunate to work with a wonderful group of colleagues who share their knowledge and collaborate in a spirit of mutual benefit. I will be eternally grateful to those who believed in me and provided me with this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person.

Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar, SCADA Automation Engineer

I started at Technitab in April 2018 as a T&C Engineer- Substation Automation, almost two years after finishing my B.Tech (EEE branch) and with the same years of experience in the automation industry. I had high hopes for Technitab because I was still looking for the right path in my career as well as better opportunities and exposure.

And I must say that Technitab exceeded my expectations in terms of exposing me to the right technologies, which was a boon for a budding engineer like me. With clients from major players in the automation industry such as Siemens, GE Power, ABB, and others, Technitab provided me with actual hands-on training on proven energy automation technologies as well as site exposure, allowing me to grasp the concepts quickly and handle a difficult site on my own with direct customer reporting.

My experiences at Technitab were extremely beneficial to my subsequent endeavours with Alstom Transport India Limited and my current organisation, Siemens Technology (Mobility division, Pune). Finally, I'd like to thank them for making me a better person, which is an unrivalled contribution.


Bibin U, T&C Engineer – Substation Automation

As of April 2018, I began working with Technitab. As soon as I graduated from college, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the field of automation. To make my ambition come true, Technitab provided me with the opportunity to join the team. Originally a graduate trainee engineer, I was later promoted to the position of T&C Engineer-Substation Automation after completing my graduate studies.

Due to Technitab's relationship with Siemens Ltd, I had the opportunity to collaborate with them during my travels. I was exposed to a wide range of Siemens substation automation products in a short period of time. I had the privilege to be a part of some of the most prestigious projects in India from the very beginning of my professional career. Technitab provided me with more exposure than I expected. This helped me shift from a young engineer into an experienced one. For all of your technical and professional expertise, thank you to the entire team.

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