Protection Engineers

We commenced our technical services in 2015. We have dedicated team of engineers who are having vast experience in power sector, also our engineers undergo training facilities which enables them to acquire wide range of skills on growing technology needs and achieving customer satisfaction by focusing on quality at work. We undertake Testing & Commissioning of Protection Systems of all types of Relays including Electromechanical to Numerical Relays of all Manufacturers (Siemens, AREVA,ABB,Schneider).

Control Relay Protection

Substation Automation

Energy Management

Testing & comminssioning

Technitab is an engineering organization extending Protection Relay Engineers services solutions for all industries in power sector. It has gained vast experience in the field of testing & commissioning activities in various Power system projects involving Power generation, Transmission and Distribution networks, Power utilities and Process industries. We are competent in Engineering, Design, Erection,  Protection  relay testing Services and commissioning, pre-commissioning, Operation and maintenance of HV, MV and EHV sub-stations, Power networks and other heavy industrial sectors. We are the emerging service provider for Testing and commissioning activities

Our Testing Infrastructure

Relay testing and commissioning engineer  Protective Relays i.e., current relays, numeric relays, power protection relay testing, generator relays, etc. (All of various makes – Areva, ABB, Siemens, Easun Reyrolle, GE-Multilink, SEGC, etc) by Secondary injection method. They shall be checked for their various characteristics as per manufacturer recommendation. Repairing of relays shall also be done The complete electrical power distribution system shall be studied and required modifications / renovation / revamping or upgradation shall be done to keep in pace with the latest technology and standards of safety & operation. We shall carry out thermography upto 220KV voltage level. Thermal imaging is an extremely useful tools for electrical fault finding. It require no contact being made with components which means that the components can be checked in a live state with little danger to user, there is no effect on components or interception in any process the electrical system may be controlling via relay tester.

Substation Automation (SAS) Engineers
Control Relay Protection Engineers
Industrial Automation Engineers
Testing & commissioning
Power Automation (PAS) Engineers

Relay Testing

  • Distance Protection Relay
  • Transformer differential protection
  • Generator protection relays
  • Motor protection relays
  • Grid islanding
  • UF load shedding scheme
  • Line Differential
  • Busbar differential Relay
  • Over Current / Earth Fault
  • ver/ Under Voltage
  • Over/ Under Frequency
  • Reverse Power Relay

Equipment Testing

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Isolators
  • Potential transformers
  • Current transformers
  • Power transformers
  • Generators / Motors
  • Metering Instruments
  • Relays
  • Battery chargers
  • Control and Relay Panel
  • Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC)

Power System Testing

  • MiCOM Distance Relay
  • Testing of primary injections
  • Testing of 66/11.5kV GIS
  • Digital /Numerical Relays
  • Testing of 13.8kV and 33kV switchgears
  • Time Distance Impedence Relay
  • Testing of ACDBs, DCDBs,NERs and RMUs
  • Smart grounding measurements
  • Providing testing engineers

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Typical Skillset

EHV Equipment Testing and commissioning, Numerical Relay Testing and Calibration, Static Relay Testing and Calibration, Auxiliary Relay Testing, Protection auditing, Detailed Engineering Design, Factory Acceptance Testing, Routine / Type Testing, Refurbishment of Protection Scheme, Operation and Maintenance, Site Survey, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Relay Setting Calculation, Coordination Study, Project management, Technical training on Power System, Cable laying & Termination, Fault flow studies, Residual Life Assessment, Energy auditing, Fault Analysis, Third party inspection, Preparation of Cable schedule.