Upgrade And Retrofitting

You can keep your equipment up-to-date by upgrading or retrofitting it, without having to buy a new machine. Improved equipment accuracy and capabilities will result in a longer life lifespan for your equipment.

Requirements for upgrades are largely dictated by equipment condition and anticipated parts shortages. New hardware and software might be part of an upgrade, as well as changes to the control system and functionality.

What We Do

Technitab offers services to develop or upgrade complicated systems into the next generation, extend system lifetime, improve availability and reliability and prevent being outdated based on its many years of experience with complex installations. It is possible to upgrade a system for numerous reasons. First and foremost, many installations are vital to the supported system, transmission, or networking. As a result of the departure of important employees, it becomes more difficult to maintain competency in limited and old technologies.

A comprehensive industrial control system upgrade may be the first thing that comes to mind when realising that your hardware and software are old or obsolete. Using our retrofitting services, we want to help companies meet their productivity and performance goals and help them become more efficient and productive.

Benefits of Retrofitting are

  • LESS EXPENSIVE REPAIRS : As long as the parts are still available and technically supported, it's cheaper and easier to obtain replacements. Your business is at danger of costly downtime if you're stuck with parts that are beyond repair.
  • SMALLER FOOTPRINT : In general, newer components tend to be smaller, which saves significant space on the panel.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY : As technology advances, new components become more energy-efficient.
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE : Retrofits often result in improved functionality. Live Automation can address your "punch list" of process optimization activities throughout the retrofit.
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